Pop-up ski library helps make winter sports more accessible for Winnipeggers

News January 9, 2022

Library moves to different parks around the city


After a fresh layer of powder came down on the city, Winnipeggers visited St. John’s Park on Saturday to check out some skis from a pop-up library and make the most of a relatively mild winter day.

The Winnipeg Trails Association’s initiative Winterpeg is working to ensure that people don’t have to go out of the city to enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors.

“So they don’t have to hop on a on a bus or get in a car in order to have some fun near them,” said Anders Swanson, the executive director of the Winnipeg Trails Association.

Through Winterpeg, the trails association is moving the ski library to different parks in the city throughout the week.

“We’ve set up in dozens of locations across the city. And what that’s done is it’s made it a lot easier for people to try it. And it’s all free,” Swanson said.

On top of the skis, poles and boots for all sizes, there are also snowshoes, kick sleds and wheel blades for people in wheelchairs who still want to enjoy the outdoors.

Next Saturday, the ski library will be back at St. John’s Park as well as the Transcona Ski Trail and Bunn’s Creek.

The library exists because of a lot of generous Manitobans.

“What’s really special about this is that what made it possible is hundreds of Winnipeggers donating skis,” Swanson said.

More donations are always needed, he added, especially skis for children.

To learn more about donating equipment or to set aside some skis for your next outdoor adventure, visit the Winterpeg website.