Skiing Tips

Did you Know?

  • Most of the best places to ski in Manitoba are maintained exclusively by not-for-profit, volunteer run ski clubs.
  • It costs thousands of dollars each year to keep trails cleared, drained, levelled, signed, packed & track set (again and again), snow machines and grooming implements purchased, stored, fuelled & repaired (again and again).
  • There is in most cases a minimum trail fee that all skiers should pay and all clubs will very gladly accept donations from satisfied skiers! Find out who is maintaining the trails you enjoy and consider contributing.
  • Joining a ski club or becoming an Associate Member of CCSAM helps to support cross-country skiing in Manitoba.

Please donate to your favourite trail!

Skier Sign-in

Skier sign-in is now required at some trails.

  • CCSAM-registered clubs that operate/maintain ski trails are protected by general liability insurance policy as members of Nordiq Canada.
  • The insurance provider requires all non club members to sign-in prior to skiing.
  • Please check for signage and a place to sign-in at the trailhead

Here are a few simple rules to ski by:

  • Be aware and ski with care.
  • Plan your trip and tell a friend.
  • Consider your plan if injured while skiing. Are you alone? Mobile phone charged? Cell service?
  • Check the weather and trail conditions in the area you plan to ski.
  • Choose trails appropriate for your fitness and skill level.
  • Stay on marked trails and respect the direction of one-way trails.
  • Bring water & snacks to stay hydrated and fuelled on the trail.
  • Dress in moisture-wicking, thermal layers with a wind/water resistant outer layer (shell). How to Dress (PDF).
  • Change into war, dray clothes after your ski.
  • When you fall move to the side and out of the way of other skiers.
  • Patch, as well as you can, divets you make when you fall.
  • Check for trailhead sign-in book & trail fee drop box.