Manitoba Cup Race Series

Manitoba Cup Results

Manitoba Cup Race Series Results (Spreadsheet)

Prize money will be presented at the CCSAM Annual Awards banquet.

About the Manitoba Cup

The purpose of the Manitoba Cup Race Series is:

  • To foster friendly competitive rivalries between Manitoba cross country ski clubs,
  • To increase attendance at Manitoba cross country ski events,
  • To provide additional funding opportunities for CCSAM clubs,
  • To promote club coaching programs.

Clubs will accumulate Manitoba Cup points whenever their members participate in a Manitoba Cup race. Participating clubs must have representation at, at least, one Provincial Championship race or host a Manitoba Cup race in the current competition season to remain eligible in final standings.

Prize List: CCSAM clubs will compete for a share of a cash purse. Purse amount may vary annually. Typically the purse is $2000.

Eligibility: All participants must be registered members of a CCSAM Member Club. Non-club members will not earn points for any club.

Manitoba Cup Points: There are 3 ways a club will earn Manitoba Cup points at designated Manitoba Cup events:

  1. Competition Results;
  2. Event Hosting;
  3. Distance Traveled Multiplier.

Competition Results: All athletes competing in a Manitoba Cup event will earn Manitoba Cup points for their club. Points will be awarded as follows in each category as per the final posted results for each eligible event:

  • 1st Place = 5 points
  • 2nd Place = 4 points
  • 3rd Place = 3 points
  • 4th Place = 2 points
  • 5th Place and beyond = 1 point

Event Hosting: 15 Manitoba Cup points will be awarded to the club that hosts a Manitoba Cup Event.

Distance Traveled Multiplier: To recognize the challenge that traveling long distances creates for some clubs, a distance-traveled multiplier will be applied to the total points accumulated for each event. Distance will be calculated from the registeredmailing address of the Club to the event’s nearest town or city centre (i.e. distances traveled by individual club members are not applicable). Distance traveled multipliers are as follows:

Distance TravelledMultiplier
151-200 km1.15
201-300 km1.2
301 km1.3

Awards Calculations: Final points for each club will consist of the sum of all Manitoba Cup results including the Provincial Championships. Clubs must have representation at 1 Provincial Championship event or host a Manitoba Cup event in the current competition year. Point Standings will be posted on the CCSAM website and will be considered final 3 days after the final MB Cup event. Clubs are responsible for reviewing the point standings at season end and inform the CCSAM office of any suspected mistakes or omissions.


  • If two or more clubs’ year end points tie they will equally share the points and prize money that is associated with the two ranks they occupy.
  • Each day of the Provincial Championships will be calculated as a separate event for the awarding of Manitoba Cup Points.


  • Individual Event Awards – Awards for all individual categories at each Manitoba Cup race are encouraged but remain the responsibility of the Host Club.
  • Series Awards – The Manitoba Cup Series cash awards are the responsibility of CCSAM and will be presented at the Annual CCSAM Awards Banquet.

How Are Events Selected to be Manitoba Cup Events?

Clubs interested in hosting a Manitoba Cup Event should attend the annual Organizers meeting (typically scheduled in April or May). This is when the race calendar for the following season is drafted. Most weekend race events, with recognized race formats, are considered eligible for Manitoba Cup status unless the organizer prefers otherwise.