USSA Super Tour – Tour de Twin Cities Race Report – Day 1

News January 26, 2013

Red River Nordic Club
Report from the Super Tour – Race Day 1
Corey Kolbuck

Today was the individual classic race for most… The J3 and under (midget and younger) had a mass start. The conditions out here are throwing the coaching staff for a loop because the weather is cold, -10 and colder but the snow is very old and seems like it had frozen and thawed a bunch of times. I am sad to say that we had to resort to using klister for a few of the athletes racing today. Our spirits rose up a bit when we found a solution for the rest of the group that didn’t involve that horrible sticky wax.

The race was pretty fast and everyone was having issues trying to get the grip to stick. The course reminds us of Windsor park with bigger hills. Both are on a golf course and both have a relatively short course. With the place of snow and deteriorating conditions all racers were skiing a 3.3 km loop, one, two or three times. Our girls were the first to go on the course. Showing some great technique and shaking some of the rust off, the three girls and Sam (Anais, Elora & Fiona) are looking forward to the skate race tomorrow. Sam is going to not wear his brace and see how fast he can actually go. The older boys are showing a lot of promise and creeping closer to the top of the results page. Alex posted a 7th in the OJ category, Sean posted a 10th and Dominique is learning how to race the longer races and is improving every race. Finally there was the J3’s. Cam and Simon had the mass start to deal with. They stuck with the lead pack and both had a top 10 finish. Amelia also had a mass start but unfortunately I placed her in the wrong category…She would have medaled if she was a year younger.

We are looking forward to our skate race tomorrow and not so much for the long drive home afterwards. Hoping for some more top ten finishes tomorrow.

Athletes: Anais, Elora, Fiona, Amelia, Alex, Sean, Dominique, Cam, Simon.
Coaches: Alan Adamson, Jamie & Allison Giasson, Corey Kolbuck