Club Coach Grant

About Club Coach Grants

Statistics clearly show, that a child will learn to love a sport only if they have a positive experience. If they do not, they will soon drop out (usually between 10-14 years of age). Most of them will never return.

The objective of the Club Coach Grant is to provide clubs with the tools required to create the positive experiences that will foster a child’s love for the sport of cross-country skiing. CCSAM believes that every outstanding program has a key individual in the lead position. The purpose of this grant is to help clubs retain this key individual for their programs by assisting with an appropriate remuneration/honorarium for the Club Coach.

CCSAM will determine the funding available for the Club Coach grant by September 15th of each year.


  • Clubs must be a CCSAM Member Club in good standing.
  • The program must demonstrate a commitment to the development of athletes with a focus on the Learn to Train and/or Train to Train stage of the Long Term Athlete Development model.
  • The club must endorse the application with a commitment to matching 50% of the grants value up to a maximum of $2000 per club per year.
    • For example:
      • Club contribution – $1000; CCSAM contribution – $1000
      • Club contribution – $3000; CCSAM contribution – $2000
  • The coach and their athletes must attend a minimum of two Manitoba Cup Events and two out of three Provincial Championship events in the current competition year.
  • Grants may be used to offset coaching expenses such as travel to events with athletes or remuneration/ honorariums provided to the coach in return for coaching commitments. Other expenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This grant is NOT intended to offset certification expenses. CCSAM has other funding opportunities available to coaches wishing to pursue coaching courses that are not currently being offered in Manitoba.
  • The Club Coach must meet the minimum qualifications:
    • NCCP Competition Coach Introduction – Learn to Train – both workshops completed,
    • “Respect in Sport” online course completed,
    • Coach must obtain clearance in the following areas: Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry as per their club policy.

Approved applications will be funded in two instalments. First instalment will be for 75% of the grant and will be paid on or before November 15th of each year. The second instalment of the remaining 25% will be forwarded upon review of a post event report due March 31st.

Please contact the CCSAM office with your questions.

Application Deadline: October 15th annually

Application Forms

To download and print:
Club Coach Grant Application (.pdf)

To save and email:
Club Coach Grant Application (.doc)

Submit a program report by March 31st to receive final 25% of grant:
Club Coach Grant Report