Safe Sport FAQs

Safe Sport Frequently Asked Questions

Please email with your questions to add to this page. 

Safe Sport Policies and Procedures are continuously evolving.

The answer to each question is subject to change.

How do I get an NCCP number to do the SafeSport Training?

You will be assigned a number once you set up your account at:

Our club does not host teams or races. We strictly provide recreational skiing for club members and day users. These policies look to me that they don’t actually apply to us. Is that correct?

The policies apply to every CCSAM Member Club. However, given the makeup of your club, you likely won’t see too much change to how you go about things. Your club will need to adopt the policies and have them available to the membership. This could be in a binder in your club house or on your website, or anywhere in between.

We encourage you to read the Safe Sport policy first as it is the basis for all of the other policies. Then, you will need to review the Screening Policy to see which volunteers/employees need to take the Safe Sport Training module and Rule of Two module. These courses are on-line and free, and a good resource for anyone who wishes to understand how to make our spaces safer for everyone. At a minimum, the board members of your club need to take the training. 

Many of these policies have been in force for Manitoba clubs for several years. However, we are now in a position to need to be proactive about their adoption.

What happens if a club does not comply with adopting the policies within 3 months of renewing club membership? How will compliance be monitored?

Compliance is the responsibility of the club, and will ultimately make your club and our sport a safer place for everyone involved. We recognize that adopting new policies takes time. Although CCSAM and Nordiq Canada will not ask clubs to share their tracked information, we will be performing spot audits. Compliance is a requirement of our insurers. Race hosts may spot check for licensed athlete compliance. Compliance will be required for Club Funding.

Can the Policies be “tweaked” by clubs?

No club can tweak the policies in any way. Doing so would void the club’s membership and insurance coverage. 

We have a very small board. Can the Safe Sport Officer be the same person as the President?

Try to engage other people on your board. It is important not to have all of the knowledge and information in the hands of one or two people. Having an extra layer above your Safe Sport Officer is advisable. However, clubs need to take first steps in moving forward with these policies. Use your Risk Management lens to do what works for your club and build from there.