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About The PDP

The CCSAM Provincial Coach & Athlete Development Program (aka PDP) is a comprehensive program designed to promote excellence in the sport of cross country skiing in Manitoba. To this end, training, testing, and competition guidelines outlined in Nordiq Canada’s Competition Model will be followed.

The PDP aims to help bridge the gap between entry level racing and higher level regional and national competition. Programs (including training camps and race support) aim to bring together skiers and coaches from across the province to foster a sense of community, to share information, and to build a stronger ski racing community

CCSAM is committed to the continued development and implementation of a coach and athlete development system in Manitoba that supports clubs, club coaches and club athletes in the pursuit of sport excellence. The PDP is intended to function within the existing club-based system and will include components to foster coach development at training camps and at competitions.

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Program Eligibility

  • The CCSAM PDP is for athletes in the Train to Train (T2T) through Train to Win (T2W) stages of development. Masters athletes are not eligible.
  • From a chronological perspective athletes typically enter the Train to Train stage at 12 years of age (U14 race category).
  • This program is not for beginners, but for skiers who have some racing experience in the prior season. This includes events such as local Manitoba Cup races and Wednesday Night ski races. 
  • Athletes and parents should consult with their club coach to discuss whether registration in the PDP is appropriate. Further information can be obtained through discussion with the CCSAM Executive Director or other members of the PDP Committee.
  • Athletes must register online via the Zone4 web link provided below.
  • All athletes must also be registered members in good standing of a registered CCSAM club.
  • All athletes competing in the U16 through Senior categories and planning to race in nationally sanctioned (Nordiq Canada Tier 1 or Tier 2) events, such as Nationals, Westerns, Easterns, some Ontario Cups & Alberta Cups, need to purchase or renew their Nordiq Canada race license here:

  • Athletes must read, understand and agree to the PDP Athlete Code of Conduct.
  • Coaches must read, understand and agree to the CCSAM Coaches Agreement.
  • There is no deadline for registration; however, please note that the ski season begins with dryland training in the spring. For planning, logistics & communications reasons we ask that athletes and coaches register by May 1st each year.

Safe Sport

Every coach and athlete registered in the PDP must complete the following eLearning modules in The Locker.

Coaches have more screening and training requirements (see Safe Sport, or contact your club administrator or the CCSAM Office for details).

  • Safe Sport Training
  • Understanding the Rule of Two

Parents are encouraged to complete these modules as well.

The modules are free.

Create an account and log in to The Locker:

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