Schedule a NCCP workshop

How to Schedule a Workshop

Qualified coaches are an invaluable asset to any community, school or club ski program! In order to develop our young skiers and provide them with the right tools and the opportunities to compete at events such as the Manitoba Winter Games and the Canada Games we must identify and develop qualified coaches in all regions of Manitoba.

Follow these steps to schedule a coaching workshop in your community:

  1. Contact Karin in the CCSAM office with your preferred date(s) and location, and projected number of participants (minimum 6). Requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of your proposed date(s).
  2. Submit a proposed budget for all possible expenses.

    All eligible workshop expenses may be covered by the Sport Manitoba – Coaching Unit subsidy program (see guidelines below). An application for reimbursement will be sent to Sport Manitoba by the CCSAM office using your submitted budget. Please use the following guidelines for preparing your budget:
    • Facility fee. An indoor facility for classroom work will be necessary. Depending on the workshop, an outdoor area for ski practice will also be needed. If there is a fee for your facility, please include the amount.
    • Audio/Video Equipment. Depending on the clinic, a TV & DVD player or an LCD projector and screen may be needed. The maximum covered cost is $25/day.
    • Advertising. The maximum covered cost is $30/workshop. Note: The workshop will be advertised on the CCSAM website and in our periodic Newsletter.
    • Administration costs. The maximum covered cost is $15/workshop.
    • Accommodation for Learning Facilitator (if billeting is not possible)
    • Meals & refreshments are not eligible for subsidy.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Learning Facilitator expenses will be paid directly to the facilitator by CCSAM.
  • Workshop materials will be supplied by the facilitator (via CCSAM).
  • Workshop fees per participant:
  • Fees can either be collected by CCSAM or CCSAM can invoice the host/club for the cost per participant. The host/club may ask the participants for a small fee to cover lunch or other extras.
  • The minimum number of participants per workshop is 6. If your workshop has less than 6 participants your club/organization may be charged for the vacancies as per the workshop fees stated above.
  • Consider applying for additional funding/grants such as the Investors Group Community Coaching Conferences grant.


  • ICC workshops are 10 hours in length – typically a Friday evening and all day Saturday – and do not require an outdoor facility. Since snow is not necessary, this workshop can occur anytime during the year. An ICC workshop is the pre-requisite for all other workshops in the NCCP progression. Everyone working with Bunnyrabbit-aged children (6 or younger) or assisting with Jackrabbits & Track Attack skiers must complete this workshop. Please see the Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualifications for ski coaches mandated by Cross Country Canada.
  • CC workshops are 16 hours in length – typically both Saturday & Sunday all day – – and do require a skiable practice area (even a small amount of snow may be adequate if on an even, grass surface). This workshop is the 2nd step in the NCCP progression and is necessary for all coaches responsible for Jackrabbits & Track Attack skiers.
  • CCI workshops are also 16 hours in length each, and are the next stages of NCCP coach progression. These workshops are for those coaches in your club working with athletes in the Learning to Train and Training to Train stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model and beyond.

Please contact the CCSAM Office and let us help you with your coaching development goals.