Event Cancellation Guidelines


Weekend Events / Loppets

  • At temperatures of -25C to -30C (without the wind-chill), the event may be run at the Race Committee’s discretion, under a modified format (such as a shortened course or a modified start time). The Race Committee will consider the temperature trends, wind chill factors, and track conditions expected during the event before making their decision.
  • At -30C or colder, the event must be postponed or cancelled.
  • At any air temperature, any difficult weather conditions such as strong winds, high air humidity, heavy snow, or icy track conditions will result in the Race Committee consulting with the leaders of the participating teams to modify, postpone or cancel  the competition.
  • A decision to cancel may be made prior to race day based on the forecast or snow conditions, or it may be made on race day based on current weather conditions and the forecast. Event updates and/or the final decision will be posted on our website if possible; however, it is best to contact the organizing club for last minute event information.

IMPORTANT: For Nordiq Canada sanctioned competitions the following Canadian Competition Rules (CCR) regarding cold temperatures must be followed by all Organizers:

Wednesday Night Races

  • At temperatures of -20C to -25C (without the wind-chill), it is at the discretion of the Race Committee to decide on the status of the Wednesday Night Race, taking the wind-chill and forecasts into consideration.
  • At temperatures of -25C or less (without the wind-chill), the Wednesday Night Race cannot be held.
  • The race organizers may choose to defer the race to Thursday if the weather is too cold to hold it on the Wednesday. The decision will be made by 4:00 PM on Wednesday and conveyed to the staff at the Windsor Park Nordic Centre 204-253-9236.

Other events or programs (Jackrabbits, lessons, etc)

The program leader will decide if a session should be cancelled.

Nordiq Canada

FIS ICR-CCR (Canada Competition Rules) with Precisions 2021

Cold Weather Precautions


There are three main factors to be considered by the Jury regarding cold weather safety: the temperature; the duration of the exposure; and, the clothing and other protection against cold weather. These factors together with any other relevant information such as the “wind chill factor” must be taken into consideration when a decision is made regarding cold weather.

Between minus 15° and minus 25° C

If the temperature level is forecast to be between minus 15°and minus 25° C at any point on the course, recommendations regarding cold weather protection should be made available to the competitors. Under such conditions it is the responsibility of the competitors to seek the information and to follow the recommendations given by the organizer.

Minus 25° C and below

If the temperature in a major portion of the course is minus 25° C or below, the competition shall be delayed or cancelled.

Warm Weather Precautions

If the temperature is forecast to rise above 5 degrees C during the course of the competition, and exposure to sunshine is expected, recommendations must be given to competitors concerning clothing, skin protection and the need to consume adequate liquid before and during the competition. Feeding stations must ensure that they have adequate drinks to meet the increased demand. First aid stations must be briefed to be alert for signs of dehydration or any damage from sun exposure and be prepared to take necessary measures in cases of dehydration or sunburn.