Ski Patrol



The Red River Nordic Ski Patrol attends our events, ensures they are safe, and provides aid when necessary. They are an integral and appreciated part of the cross country ski community. Bob Romance represents the Red River Nordic Ski Patrol on the CCSAM Board.

The Canadian Ski Patrol System offers a comprehensive first aid course, plus a nordic patrol program. This course is useful to all participating in outdoor winter activities. Program schedule includes:

  • Theory training sessions and CPR Certification
  • Practical evening sessions
  • Search & rescue and survival training
  • Ski skill upgrading
  • Wilderness evacuation

The course is designed for people or organizations wishing to have members trained to a First Responder level with the wilderness environment in mind. Two weekends of instruction and hands-on proactive. Entrants who become carded members of the Canadian Ski Patrol are covered by comprehensive liability insurance.

For more information about the Canadian Ski Patrol System and an overview of the course, please click here.