Concussion Awareness & Education Program

About Concussion Awareness

Concussions in cross country skiing are rare, but can occur while participating in any sport or recreational activity.

Since the circumstances under which a concussion can be sustained are so varied, it’s important for all coaches, parents, and athletes to be aware of the signs, symptoms, and what to do if a concussion occurs.

Our organization is committed to increased education, awareness, and established protocols that will assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills required ensuring the safety of your athletes. We can all work together to ensure a safe sport environment.

All members must adhere to Nordiq Canada Roller Skiing Policy

Education & Tools

Pre-season Concussion Education Sheet – Concussion recognition, prevention & management. All PDP parents, athletes & coaches are asked to read this document, sign it and submit to CCSAM office at the beginning of each ski season.

Concussion Recognition Tool 5 (CRT5)Recognize & Remove
A simple one page document that can be shared with all coaches, managers, sport trainers/safety officers (where applicable).

Medical Assessment Letter – This document can be used by an athlete’s Physician or Nurse Practitioner as the official “Medical Assessment Tool”

Medical Clearance Letter – No athlete that has been diagnosed and is being treated for a concussion should be “returned to sport” without presenting the “Medical Clearance Letter”.

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