Female Mentorship Program

Coaching April 22, 2021

Sport Manitoba Coaching Female Mentorship Program is a key initiative dedicated to increasing the number of confident and competent female coaches in all contexts in this province. Equitable representation of gender in leadership roles is beneficial to both women/girls and men/boys. When the gender gap is decreased excellence is achieved, participation is sustained, and sport has a further reach in the community.

The program focuses on working with passionate female coaches as mentees and providing them with knowledgeable and passionate female mentors.  These coaches will build a meaningful relationship that will allow the mentee coach to feel supported and encouraged to strive to be the best coach they can be in their context.

Program Purpose 

  • Create a mentorship program for female coaches in Manitoba through meaningful mentee / mentor pairings.  
  • Provide an online community of practice for mentee coaches to build and enhance their toolkits. 
  • Provide female coaches from a range of sports and contexts, with the opportunity to learn from other knowledgeable coaches across the province.  
  • Enhance the coaching pool of Manitoba coaches that are qualified and have the tools to coach at their desired contexts, from Fundamentals to Train to Train (Grassroots – Comp Dev)  
  • Create relationships amongst coaches that are lasting and supportive, allowing for the sustainability of our current female coaches throughout the province.

Application deadline: April 30th