CCC Launches New Online Waxing Clinic

Coaching December 12, 2018

Cross Country Canada is proud to add another online training resource to its expanding e-learning portfolio, hosted in the Locker (Coaching Association of Canada).

The module will be free for any coaches with Intro to Community Coach training and $12 for any other person interested in improving their waxing skills and knowledge. You don’t have to be a coach nor have any NCCP training to do this online waxing clinic.

If you do not have a Locker account already, you can create one easily and then access the online waxing clinic under the e-learning tab.

Throughout this online training module you will find a series of videos and other information on the following skills:

  • Applying and ironing parafin glide wax
  • Scraping and brushing parafin glide wax
  • Tools and tool care
  • Powders: application and ironing
  • Powders: rotocorking and finishing
  • Blocks and pucks
  • Liquids and gels
  • Structure
  • Kick zone sanding and binder
  • Applying kick wax
  • Removing kick wax
  • Klister base
  • Applying klister
  • Mixing klisters
  • Tips for klister
  • Removing klister
  • Travel wax and hot scraping
  • Hairies
  • Stone grinding and new ski prep

While pertinent to all avid skiers (racers or not), these skills and processes are the same used by technicians working at the top levels of racing.
In this online module they are presented by Joel Jaques, the technical services coordinator for CCC’s National Ski Team.

Certified coaches completing this training module will automatically be credited 3 Professional Development Points to their Locker account.

This new online resource has been produced in collaboration with XC Ski Nation. You can visit their website to access a vast amount of cross country ski related technical videos and ski related content: