2017 Canada Summer Games Legacy Fund

Club News October 9, 2018

Sport Manitoba has been engaged by the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society to manage the Host Society’s legacy fund, resulting from the 2017 Canada Summer Games held in Winnipeg, Kenora, and Gimli.

Hosting the Games left a lasting legacy of new and enhanced sport facilities, volunteer and leadership development, along with a financial legacy, all of which will benefit athletes and the broader sport community in Winnipeg, Kenora, and Manitoba for years to come. 

As determined by 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society, and announced in June, the financial legacy of the Games created the 2017 Canada Games Legacy Fund with an investment of approximately 2.6 million dollars to be managed by Sport Manitoba and the designated trustees. With this fund, the 2017 Canada Summer Games and its lasting legacies can continue to be the catalyst for the growth of sport across Manitoba. The Fund named in recognition of the 2017 Canada Summer Games, will offer grants that support Sport Manitoba’s high-performance programs, athletes, coaches, community access, sport leaders, and organizations to increase their individual and/or organizational capacity.
Please visit our website for the 2017 Canada Summer Games Legacy Fund application process and guidelines. The deadline for the inaugural submission of applications is December 31, 2018.
If you have any questions please contact Laurel Read, Director, Finance & Operations at 204-925-5615 or laurel.read@sportmanitoba.ca

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