CCC’s Ski-At-School Program, Powered by AltaGas – deadline September 15th

News July 24, 2018

Ski-at-School Program, Powered by AltaGas!

 Grants are currently available for program start-ups! 

Ski-at-School is a CCC program, sponsored by AltaGas, which aims to bring cross-country skiing to schools across Canada. The Ski-at-School program will knit together communities of teachers, students, and local ski clubs, Cross Country Canada, AltaGas, coaches, equipment suppliers and volunteers to support this initiative and make it into a success.

The main driver behind the Ski-at-School program is to allow students to experience the sport of cross-country skiing, because it is a life sport. Cross-country skiing can be enjoyed at many levels of skill and it involves all major muscle groups, balance, endurance and strength. Cross-country skiing builds self-esteem, confidence as well as health and well-being, and cross- country skiing can be done in a group or individually.

Grants are currently available for program start-ups! 

The deadline for this year’s grant application is September 15th, 2018.

Should you have any questions, email: Ilona Gyapay: