Event Notice: Dash For Cash

Events News February 26, 2017

The DASH FOR CASH is back!

Brought to you by: Assiniboine Park Jackrabbits and Downtown Nordic

Sponsored by: YES Ski wax!

TUESDAY, February 28TH 6:45PM

Windsor Park Nordic Centre Training grid area

Fee: $2.00
Thank you to our sponsor YES Ski Wax for making this event more affordable!

Eligibility: The event is open to students from Nursery up to and including Grade 6.

Registration: Dash For Cash Entry Form and Waiver

Registration will take place from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at Windsor Park Nordic Center. No registrations will be accepted after 6:30 PM. (to allow time to make the race schedule)


Classic technique. Grades N-2 approx. 50 m. Grades 3-6 approx. 100 m. Races will go in order of grades starting with Nursery.

For categories with less than 8 entrants: the first heat is against one other person. The person who finishes first in this heat receives a loonie and goes to the A side final, the person who finishes in second place gets a ‘chocolate loonie’ and goes to the B side final.

For categories with 8 or more entrants: we will run heats of 4, with top 2 going to the A final and the bottom 2 going to the B final. Loonies for top 2, chocolate loonies for bottom 2.

Finals will be mass start. 1st ,2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to the winners of both the A and B group for each grade.

This is an entry level, fun oriented, participation event.

NOTE: ALL racers MUST complete the Entry Form and Waiver (signed by a parent or guardian) before being allowed to race.