Final Sprints Update

Events News January 27, 2017
We are in for a great weekend of Nordic and Biathlon action! Temperatures will be -7C to -9C in the morning and -5C to 6C in the afternoon. 
Here is an important note about keeping warm between races. 
Following the last Sprint Qualifier finish there will be a 45 minute break for lunch in which you can choose to head to the Falcon Ridge Chalet for food/drink and a trip to the bathroom. There is one small old school biffy in the Biathlon Range area.
When heats begin (there are three rounds of heats) it is important to stay in the Biathlon Range area to both cheer on the athletes and to be ready to be marshalled in a heat. There will be no race officials in the Falcon Ridge Chalet after the lunch break to inform athletes of the heats.  
We have an athlete warming cabin with food and drink which will accommodate up to 20 athletes at a time so … between heats athletes/coaches and parents will be outside most of the time. The balmy, perfect, almost Norwegian like ski weather will make being outside  very pleasant.
Each athlete needs a backpack with warm outdoor clothing, winter boots etc. in order to stay warm between heats. Bring food and water as well. There will also be an athlete warm up ski area adjacent to the start area. Remember to stay to the side of the trails when wearing boots/ski boots to preserve the trails. 
9:00 -10:30 Bib Pick up registration 
10:00 Coaches meeting in the Biathlon Range area
9:30-10:00 Course is open for pre-skiing
11:00 Sprint Qualifiers
11:45 ish -12:30 Lunch Break or after an athlete’s Sprint Qualifier
@12:45 Heats after Lunch Break
@2:00 Awards and draw prizes in the Falcon Ridge Chalet
@2:30 Biathlon Open House
Looking forward to seeing everyone. Drive safe and bring the cow bells!
Chris Roe on behalf of RRNSBC