“Spring” Skiing at Windsor Park Nordic Centre

News March 11, 2014

photo-1Fans of fair weather skiing are loving the climate and conditions being enjoyed by most of Manitoba these days.

Skiers at Windsor Park Nordic Centre are no exception and many are wondering aloud, “How long will Windsor Park stay open?”. The answer is, “For as long as possible!”

What does that mean?

Although it would be unusual for Windsor Park to stay open long past the middle of March this is not a usual season. We have a ton of snow and many skiers are keen to catch up on lost ski time due to so many cold days earlier this season.

So, we will keep the clubhouse open for as long as we can afford to pay staff and heat the building. After that, we will continue to groom the trails until it is no longer safe to do so (speaking in terms of skier safety and golf course damage control).

We think we will be able to stay open until March 23rd. Maybe until March 30th. Who knows what Mother Nature has in store for us? Who?

Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, go for a ski!