Maintenance of NCCP Coach Certification Policy

Coaching February 17, 2014

Attention ALL cross country ski coaches:

The requirement for all certified coaches to maintain their “Certified” status through the accumulation of Professional Development (PD) points and proof of active coaching, officially came into effect for all sports on January 1, 2014.

All cross country ski coaches will need to accumulate a certain amount of PD points (amount varies by NCCP context) over a five year period following the achievement of their certification status in a given context (starting January 1st following the date of certification). This new policy and related requirements do NOT apply for maintaining “Trained” status in any context or gradation.

Maintenance of certification, through proof of ongoing learning (Professional Development) and active coaching is viewed as essential to:

  1. Ensuring coaches stay current with new coaching practices and knowledge
  2. Maintaining the integrity of the NCCP.
  3. Consistency with the standards of other professions.
  4. Reinforcing the values of lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

Nordiq Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada will maintain a PD Registry that includes all events that are eligible for PD credit including:

  1. Multi-sport and sport-specific core NCCP events.
  2. Multi-sport and sport-specific NCCP events specifically designed as PD.
  3. Sport-specific non-NCCP activities.

Nordiq Canada: Maintenance of Coaching Certification Policy

Coaching Association of Canada: Maintenance of Certification

CCSAM Coaches – please read the information in these links to familiarize yourself with this new policy. In summary:

  1. Community Coaches – need 10 PD points every 5 years.
  2. L2T & T2T coaches – need 20 PD points every 5 years.
  3. Comp Dev coaches – need 30 PD points every 5 years.

PD Points Summary

  • 1 point/year of active coaching,
  • 5 points for every workshop outcome or evaluation completed,
  • 3 points for every coach development opportunity offered by CCSAM (xc ski specific) or Coaching MB (multi-sport) or another NCCP partner. These opportunities will be listed in the PD Registry mentioned above.
  • see full details in CCC policy (link above).

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