Wednesday Night Race #1 Results

Events News December 5, 2013

43 giddy skiers raced last night in the first Wednesday Night Race of the 2013 – 2014 season.

The usual excuses were heard around the clubhouse…”I totally could have won tonight but…the snow wasn’t fast enough…there was too much snow for someone my size…I tried to get ahead of a slower skier but then I fell down and couldn’t get up”. Uh huh.

Everyone’s a winner of course but let’s call out the top girls & boys in the short & long distance events – Fiona McIsaac, Murray Carter, Meaghan Smith & Erik Penton.

A big thanks to the Red River Nordic Ski & Biathlon Club organizing crew for an expertly executed event and to groomers Jim Kulson & Rob Turner who just didn’t quit yesterday and must have slept in the machines last night.

Mark your calendars for the next two Wednesdays. A skiathlon event next week and you do not want to miss the Candy Cane Classic on December 18th! Remember to register Tuesdays, online.