Learning to Train Dryland workshop offered in Winnipeg this month

Events News May 6, 2013


The Competition Coach Introduction Learning to Train (CCI – L2T) Dryland workshop is the 3rd step in the NCCP ski coach progression.

This workshop is for coaches who have taken both the Into to Community Coaching & Community Coaching workshops and are planning to “supervise, instruct or coach ski activities for children nine to sixteen years of age” (quoted from Cross Country Canada’s Minimum Mandatory Coaching Qualifications)

Here’s a little more description:
The CCI (L2T) program provides tools and develops skills that a coach can use to: (1) create a fun, team-oriented environment that will motivate children to achieve their personal goals in sport and develop a lifelong interest in the fitness and health benefits of cross-country skiing; and (2) deliver a well-rounded sport program with an emphasis on skill development to children nine to 12 years of age (the L2T stage of development).
The L2T Dryland workshop in particular is designed to teach coaches about developmental age, physical literacy, team building, athletic components (aerobic fitness, speed, etc.), nutrition, how to design their own sport program, adventure-based activities (year-round), roller-skiing and planning a practice.

For Community Coaches in Kenora or who plan to be in Kenora, June 21 – 22, 2013, Nadene McBride is facilitating a L2T Dryland workshop there that weekend. Please contact Karin the CCSAM office or contact Nadene directly if you are interested in registering.

For Community Coaches elsewhere please contact Karin in the CCSAM office and let’s see what we can do about scheduling something close to you.

Another L2T Dryland workshop will be scheduled in Winnipeg on the September 7th/8th, 2013 weekend.

More information on the NCCP Coach program, including a list of upcoming courses, can be found on our Coaching page.