Phase out of most snowmobile trails in Birds Hill Park

News May 2, 2013

Many cross country skiers are aware of the conflicts between recreational snowmobilers and skiers, particularly in Birds Hill Park, and specifically snowmobilers damaging classic ski trails. Most of us have read many trail conditions reports about damaged trails. For example:

Many skiers have written to Manitoba Conservation and/or Birds Hill Park staff, asking for something to be done or for recreational snowmobiling to be banned in Provincial Parks. Kevin Miller recently received a “very good news” response to his letter/email.

The Birds Hill Provincial Park Management Plan that Mr Gilberson of Manitoba Conservation refers to is at The parts that pertain to cross country skiing are on pages 14 & 15 and pages 21 & 22.
“2.2.2 Guidelines – f. Trails – 1.iii
rerouting the snowmobile trails in the park to provide a basic connecting trail from PTH 59 to PR 206, and to achieve maximum spatial separation from other trails in the park.”

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this policy change by submitting “snowmobile damage” trail conditions reports, writing letters/emails, and providing input into the park management plan process in 2011. Hopefully, classic ski trails at Birds Hill Park being damaged by snowmobiles will soon be a thing of the past.