Making Headway in Sport – Concussion eLearning Module

News April 8, 2013

Welcome to the Making Head Way eLearning series! By taking these NCCP Professional Development modules, you will not only become concussion smart, but your completion of this module will also be recorded on your coaching transcript as professional development.


FREE for a limited time! Designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of your athletes, this multi-sport module will cover: what to do to prevent concussions, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, what to do when you suspect an athlete has a concussion, and how to ensure athletes return to play safely.

To begin, you will require a NCCP Coaching number (CC#). If you have never taken an NCCP course and need a CC #, please register with The Locker. If you need assistance contact Sheldon Reynolds at Coaching Manitoba 925-5913

You should expect to spend 60-90 minutes completing this module, and will receive credit for completion on your coaching transcript in the Locker. To start Log onto: