Burwalde Birkie

Events News March 19, 2013

Windsor Park closing…ski event schedule all empty. Are you feeling those springtime blues that cross-country skiers get this time of year?

Well, pine no longer! There is lots of snow in southern Manitoba and a brand new event is set to debut. In the tradition of the now legendary ‘Phil’s Spring 50’ the Burwalde Birkie has been conceived and is nearly due for its first run. Phil was hoping to take this event by virtue of being the only competitor but word has leaked out and now he’s worried.

Come out and challenge Phil at the inaugural Burwalde Birkie.

WhereBurwalde Woods Trails –93 km from the perimeter on PTH#3

What: 55km skate ski (10 laps of our 5.5 km Super Skate Loop – a scenic mix of woodland and prairie vistas with a little rollercoaster thrown in to break up the flatness)

When: Saturday March 23, 2013

Mass start 9:00AM  (a bit later if morning temps are under -15 and if you miss the official start record your start time and race anyways)

Prizes: Honey for the first 10 finishers

(Phil has agreed to be more inclusive so anyone wishing to do only half a Birkie – 5 laps- 27.5km -will be allowed, but no honey for them. Starting time for the half BB 10:00AM so we all finish around the same time.)

Cost: Donations to Boundary Trails Nordic always accepted and your share of the après-ski food and recovery drinks. (Likely pizza and beer on the clubhouse deck)

Bring your own race food & drink.

Unlike that other Birkie we are not limiting entries but a call 204 325-4591 or an email snowbees@gmail.com to Phil to let him know you are coming would be appreciated, but then again it might just make him worry.