Boundary Trails Distance Challenge Report – 3,280 Kilometres Skied!

Events News March 12, 2013

boxesYes, that’s right – that’s how many kilometres 177 skiers logged at the 8th Annual Boundary Trails Nordic Distance Challenge held at Burwalde Woods Trails last Saturday.

How far is that? If you headed south (and why would you want to with all this lovely snow and sunshine) you would be on the beaches of Cuba or southern Mexico; east would take you passed St Johns Nfld into the Atlantic; west would take you well into the Pacific ocean unless you aimed a bit further north into the heart of Alaska; and north would put you near the tip of Ellesmere Island on the top of Canada.

In short, it was a lot of skiing done on only 22km of ski trail. There were a lot of personal bests achieved and this year five individuals surpassed the 100 km barrier including one very ambitious 11-year old. Mostly though it was a lot of fun. Watch for full results coming out soon. If you skied your age or better on Saturday and did not get your certificate let us know. Other awards will be announced with the final results.

Reprinted from BTNC website…click here to read more!