Biathlon Manitoba Extravaganza Event — March 14th

Events News March 4, 2013

Fun Event Poster

Note from the organizer: We will have a “range” set-up that will consist of rows of 5 buckets, little easter eggs filled with candy as “ammo” and big connections of elastic bands to work as sling shots to “shoot”. Athletes will be in teams of 2. They will ski a loop, come in to the range, and try to get 5 easter eggs into 5 buckets using their elastic sling shot. For every shot missed they have to do a “penalty loop” – not actual skiing loops but something silly like ski backwards, one ski scooter, no poles, one person pulls another, sing a song, etc. After they complete their ski loops, shots & penalty silliness (if applicable) they must head out and ski another short loop before coming into the range again. I think we will do 4 “shooting bouts” and 5 laps….Rachel 🙂