SaskMan Cup / MB Provincial Championships – results posted

Events News February 10, 2013

Wow, what a great weekend! What a lot of great work done by a lot of truly great people. The Red River Nordic Ski & Biathlon Club and the Birch Mountain Sports Club showed us how to get it done.

Thanks go out to so many but in particular Chief of Competition Chris Roe who did so much and made it look so easy (it isn’t!), Chief of Course Victor Chappellaz for the world class trails, Chief of Timing Heather Schilling & Competition Secretary Ron Pelletier for their deft handling of modern timing & results technology, the über-professional and ever-present Ski Patrollers, queens of sponsorship & prizes Pauline Nadlersmith and Lin-P’ing Choo who made sure everyone left the event with something, Jamie Giasson & Jim Kovachik for that Hospitality Tent amoung a thousand other things…and dozens of others who I haven’t mentioned and will kick myself later for omitting here.

Quote of the weekend from someone who knows what they are talking about “Out of all the sports I’ve been involved with, this one has the most amazing volunteers.” So true.

And how lucky are we to have Marcel Druwé snapping photos of the whole event. What a gem! Stand by for those as he sorts through them all and gets them posted.

And finally thanks to the athletes, coaches and parents from Flin Flon, Saskatoon & Regina for the great showing. We’ve really started something here neighbours!

Side note: we didn’t distribute the MB Provincial medallions but we will do so in the near future.

Results are posted.