Manitoba Cup #2 Birch Open results posted

Events News January 21, 2013

Thanks to the good work and joint efforts of the Birch Mountain Sports & Red River Nordic clubs the 2013 edition of the Birch Open was an indisputable success. As per usual the conditions on course, by no means mild, were albeit much better than those you were hearing about on your tv/radio.

Eighty skiers enjoyed the expertly groomed race course (courtesy of the award winning Victor Chappelaz). Every kilometre was occupied by a large host of volunteers and five Red River Ski Patrollers, who keenly monitored the condition of each skier as they passed.

Rumour has it a few chose the classic option in this free technique race. Both Conor McGovern & Eveline Juce took a wrong turn and skied the 10K course instead of the 7.5K (mentioned here only as it affects their category results).

Many thanks to our most intrepid ski racers, every single volunteer on course and in the canteen, Red River Nordic Ski & Biathlon Club timing crew, Red River Ski Patrol, landowner Doug Keith and prize donors Olympia Cycle & Ski (Portage Ave), Birch Mountain Sports, Mountain Equipment Coop & CCSAM.